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*** "Girl Scout Cookies" Litter ***

UWPV GRCH Ratitatt Thorn in My Side (aka "Briar") has whelped a beautiful litter with UWP GRCH Ratitatt Spartan Spittin Fire (aka "Spartan") as the sire on November 6, 2011! 5 pups were born - 1 male and 4 females!

********************** Photos at 7 to 8 weeks old ***************************


Skeeter (puppy name "Thin Mint") - Male white/black bi-colored




Female white/black/tan tri-colored



Samie (puppy name "Samoas")

Female white/black/tan tri-colored



Emily (puppy name "Trefoil")

Female white/black bi-colored



Female white/blue/tan tri-colored

Video of weigh-in (click): Weigh In



Lindsey weighing newborn puppy (click): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMNPftQTsaI

Lindsey holding newborn puppy (click): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl7y4Zbgu8c

Briar whelping a puppy with Lindsey watching *** Warning - GRAPHIC! *** (click): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiyZ9D4QqY0

Briar whelping a breach puppy *** Warning - GRAPHIC! *** (click): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl3tHNVBD2Q

Briar whelping a puppy with normal delivery *** Warning - GRAPHIC! *** (click): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUjYkLGaGZI

9 year old daughter Lindsey was assisting with the whelping. These videos show how a Rat Terrier typically whelps her pups. All pups were born successfully and are thriving.

Please leave whelping/raising puppies to the experts that are working towards continuously improving the breed and are dedicated to the proper care and socialization of pups until they find the right home for each individual pup. Personalities and structure can be evaluated as early as 7 weeks old. Rat Terrier puppies may leave for new homes at 8 weeks old.


Briar / Spartan Pups

UWPV GRCH Ratitatt Thorn in My Side (aka "Briar") whelped a litter on November 6, 2011. The sire is UWP GRCH Ratitatt Spartan Spittin Fire. This litter is expected to produce some nice show/agility prospects ranging in size from 12 1/2 to 14 inches tall, about 11 to 15 lbs when mature. The litter will be dual-registered with both UKC and AKC-FSS.

Both parents are  UKC Grand Champions, United Weight Puller Rat Terriers, with Briar having a United Weight Puller Versatile title. Both parents are very intelligent and have friendly, outgoing personalities. They have been health screened for heart, patellas and PLL (Primary Lens Luxation).

One of Briar's particularly impressive littermates is MACH5 GRCH 'PR'Ratitatt Wood U Buzz Me MXF TQX MAD TM-B GM JM RM BIMBS (aka "Woody"). Woody was retired from showing at about 14 months old, moving into Yvonne Mancino's home to be trained for agility. With Yvonne's impressive training/handling skills, and Woody's natural and trained ability, Woody has earned a MACH5 AKC agility title, and is currently ranked #3 in the AKC Top 25 Rat Terrier Invitational List!

Click here to see photos of Woody: Woody 

Another outstanding littermate of Briar's is GRCH 'PR'Ratitatt All Abuzz About Jeter, BISS, BIMBS, RBIMBS, CGC (aka "Jeter"). He was on UKC's Top 10 list for conformation during the 3 years of his show career, earning 1 Best in Specialty Show Win, 22 Best in Multi-Breed Show Wins, and 11 Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show Wins!

Click here to see photos of Jeter: Jeter 

To inquire about the litter or be added to the wait list, please email ratitatt@earthlink.net.

email: ratitatt@earthlink.net or call  (740) 965-9197

UWPV UWPCH GRCH 'PR'Ratitatt Thorn In My Side (aka "Briar")

UKC Grand Champion at 8 months old

UKC Champion at 6 months old

UKC United Weight Pull Champion Versatile

Female white/black/tan tri-color out of Kali/Buzzy

Miniature at 13 1/4 inches tall, about 14 lbs


Click for more photos Briar

UWP GRCH Ratitatt Spartan Spittin Fire (aka "Spartan")

UKC Grand Champion that lives here at Ratitatt in Ohio

UKC Champion after his first show weekend at 7 months old!

UKC United Weight Puller

Male white/black bi-color out of Abby/Bosco

Expected to mature to a standard at 13 1/2 inches, 15 lbs.



Click for more photos Spartan


email: ratitatt@earthlink.net or call  (740) 965-9197


All my pups have tails docked, dew claws removed, first vaccinations, wormed, vet-checked, with a written guarantee. The litters are dual-registered with both UKC and AKC-FSS.

Since day 1, my litters are raised within the home and handled by children. What a difference this makes for dogs that will be exposed to children! They are also socialized with other dogs and cats.

If you are interested in being on my wait list for the next litter so I know to contact you, please email me at ratitatt@earthlink.net .

Rat Terriers are an ideal breed for performance events such as agility, flyball, and rally/obedience - very intelligent quick learners, athletic, and willing to please. They make terrific pets within the home as well, and should be given at least 30 minutes of daily exercise in a safe, fenced area. This breed typically enjoys interacting with other playful dogs and with their human families as well.

Our puppies typically mature to 12 1/2 to 14 1/2 inches tall at the withers (considered to be large miniatures and small standards), approximately 11 to 17 lbs.





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